Core Beliefs Psychotherapy SM a Revolutionary Psychotherapeutic Process

Core Beliefs Psychotherapy is a highly effective treatment strategy that quickly accesses and heals the "Mistaken Core Beliefs" of the core self. CBP can be used to treat anxiety, depression, anger, low self-esteem, relationship issues and compulsions.

CBP is a powerful tool to add to your therapist's toolbox!

Alice Brown Gagnon M.A.

As a therapist, do you ever find yourself frustrated when clients reach a plateau in therapy, disengage from the process and drop out prematurely? Are you wondering how you can produce deeper, long-lasting results with your clients? Do you find that some clients respond well to your therapeutic approach while others become resistant and do not progress?

The CBP process allows therapists to do therapy at the core level (with the real self), and provide therapeutic experiences that convey worth and value while helping the real self to reinterpret negative childhood experiences. These therapeutic experiences correct Mistaken Core Beliefs, and bring the real self “back to life.” This process leads to a profound sense of confidence, freedom, and personal power.

Core Beliefs Psychotherapy

CBP is “talk therapy.” It uses a highly specialized set of dialogue techniques and role-plays to correct Mistaken Core Beliefs. It does not involve hypnosis, digging for repressed memories, or anything that many clients see as “weird.”

This site will allow you to learn more about CBP, purchase CBP training materials, and locate Core Beliefs Psychotherapists in your area. For more information call Alice Brown Gagnon at (734) 776-2284.

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The Association for Core Beliefs Psychotherapy is dedicated to supporting certified CBP therapists through seminars, newsletters and a client referral service.
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Core Beliefs Psychotherapy
Core Beliefs Psychotherapy is a new revolutionary psychotherapeutic process that heals psychological, emotional, and relational problems quickly because it goes directly to the core of the problem.
CBP Training allows therapists to increase referrals to their practice.
CBP Training will allow a psychotherapist to become a Certified CBP Therapist, and to increase the size and effectiveness of their practice.
The Core Healing Center in Plymouth, Michigan offers Core Beliefs Psychotherapy.
The Core Healing Center,in Plymouth , Michigan, is helping people to live healthier, more satisfying lives.